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May moon salutations

Recently in classes we have focused on awakening and energising practices, opening up to the energy of the season particularly the sun salutation sequence surya namaskar.

To create equilibrium in our yoga practice and in our lives it is helpful to observe the power of opposites. The yin and yang, ebb and flow, effort and surrender. So for the rest of May we will focus on the more cooling, inwardly focused moon salutation chandra namaskar.

The moon cycle effects some of us more than others, some of you may feel very connected to the waxing, fullness and then waning of the moon or you may notice it in your family members, friends or pets that behaviour changes around the full moon. The word Lunatic comes from the belief that changes of the moon (Luna in Latin) caused intermittent insanity. One of my sons was born on a full moon and the midwives were in short supply that night as they said that the full moon is the busiest time on a labour ward. So it seems that just as the gravitational pull of the moon effects the oceans ebb and flow it mirrors that in us.

Moon Salutations are useful when energy or temperatures are high and we are seeking a cooling, quiet presence, it can also help to relax and calm the mind. We will get to know the postures and build up to the sequence so that by the time the summer heatwave hits us (fingers crossed) you will have another gem in your yoga treasure chest to draw upon. There are some postures which may not suit everyone, particularly if the knees are sore but don't worry there are ways to find your own flow and keep any vulnerable areas safe.

This sequence transfers beautifully to the chair so we will also be exploring the lateral movements in the chair based classes and using this as an option for those who would prefer in the floor based classes.

We are in for a treat on Monday 16th May as the full moon will be a total lunar eclipse meaning that the earth will be positioned directly between the moon and the sun. The earths shadow dims the moon and turns it a striking red colour so it is known as a blood moon. If you are keen to catch a glimpse of this amazing event you'll need to set your alarms or go to bed very late as the best time in the UK to see it is between 2.30am and 5.30am on Monday 16th. This wont happen again until November 8th this year.

So I look forward to exploring this theme with you all and hearing about how the moon effects you if you would like to share any stories. This is the super blood moon over Glastonbury Tor in 2019, hmmm now that's an idea........ anyone up for a very early walk on the 16th?

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